Are we on track to end child marriage by 2030?

Ending child marriage by 2030 is a target embedded in the Sustainable Development Goals. How far have countries progressed towards this target? How much remains to be achieved?

Child marriage over time

Interact with the chart below to see how the prevalence of child marriage has changed over time and how many girls and women are affected today. For full details, click the question mark icon above the chart.

  • Prevalence 10 years ago
  • Prevalence today
  • Projected prevalence if observed declines continue
  • Projected prevalence if progress is accelerated
  • Total number of girls and women married in childhood

Where we are today

One in five young women worldwide were married before their 18th birthday. Levels are highest in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Prevalence 10 years ago
  • Prevalence today

of child marriage

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RegionPrevalence todayPrevalence 10 years agoAbsolute number
32.4%37.6%122.6 million
24.9%44.3%302.6 million
24.8%26.5%0.9638 million
21.2%23.4%58.1 million
17.9%19.1%38.9 million
8.1%7.5%93.2 million
18.7%23.1%643.8 million
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Child marriage age

Who is most at risk of child marriage?

Explore the data to understand how levels of child marriage vary across different segments of the population.


Girls living in rural areas are more likely to marry in childhood than girls in urban areas


Girls living in rural areas are more likely to marry in childhood than girls in urban areas

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Sub-Saharan Africa17.3%42.5%
Central and Southern Asia17.2%28.6%
Oceania, excluding Australia and New Zealand13.3%27.4%
Latin America and the Caribbean18.8%33.0%
Northern Africa and Western Asia13.7%24.3%
Eastern and South-Eastern Asia
Child marriage age

Where does child marriage occur, and what is the impact of the practice on girls?

Marriage before the age of 18 is a fundamental violation of human rights. Today, this practice threatens the lives, well-being and futures of millions of girls around the world.